Request USMLE ID and Password

If you do not remember your USMLE ID, click the USMLE ID link in the "Forgot your USMLE ID or Password?" statement within the log in box.


  1. Click on this link. You will be taken to the Request Your USMLE ID and Password page.

  2. Enter one of the following:

  1. Enter the following (bolded items are required):

  1. In the Medical School Country field, use the drop-down list to select the country in which the medical school you attend is located and click the Select button. The list of available medical schools will be updated to show only those schools in the selected country.

  2. In the Medical School field, use the drop-down list to select your medical school.

  3. In the Graduation Year field, select your actual or expected graduation year.

  4. Enter your Email Address.

  5. Once you have completed all required fields, select the SUBMIT button.


If the FSMB is able to identify your records, you will receive an email containing your USMLE ID number and a temporary password. Upon receiving your USMLE ID and temporary password via email, return to the website and log in.


If your records are not able to be identified according to the information you entered, you will be instructed to call a number provided by the FSMB.